Stickboy Learns Chinese Lite 3

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エンターテインメント 教育
開発者 Eike Interactive

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Learning Chinese is now simple and fun! Its no longer the tedious memorization of characters. Stickboy Chinese combines rich media, interactive games, and a proven curriculum to make learning Chinese a natural and entertaining activity.

Stickboy Chinese feature summary:
*Progressively build your vocabulary through the different books.
*Learn context, sentence structure, and usage by reading stories.
*Play matching games to reinforce vocabulary.
*Record your pronunciation and compare it to that of a native speaker.

Stickboy Chineses unique curriculum has been successful in teaching Chinese to beginners by weaving 2 proven methods of teaching languages:
*Storytelling Method
*Progressive Method

Storytelling Method - The Stickboy Chinese Books tell the stories of Ming Ming, Li Li and their parents. The stories are built around a small set of Chinese characters, reinforcing their various meanings and uses. By following the story, youll establish a context for the words that greatly improves retention. Furthermore, the fun stories provide an incentive to get to the next page, making vocabulary-building easy and entertaining.

Progressive Method - The Stickboy Chinese Books gradually build your vocabulary through a series of stories. Each story introduces a few characters at a time, and the new characters are frequently re-used in different contexts. This means that you have plenty of opportunity to practice your existing vocabulary before seeing new characters. The first book in the series introduces 14 characters, the second 12 more characters, and by the eighth you will have built your vocabulary to over 100 characters.

By combining the Progressive and Storytelling Method, the Stickboy Chinese books create a uniquely effective method for learning Chinese. They not only build your vocabulary, but also show you how to build sentences and tell a story with them. Each of our Stickboy Chinese books is built on this foundation - you may download them from the online store to read more about Ming Ming and Li Lis stories, all the while learning how to speak and read Chinese.

To reinforce what you have learned so far, Stickboy Chinese features a game activity that associates pictures, sounds and words. It also has a record/playback functionality that lets you record your pronunciation and compare it to that of a native speaker.

Download the full version now and stay tune for more Stickboy Chinese apps...